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How long is a typical forest bathing experience?

Stay as long as you feel comfortable. Based on research, 2 – 3 hours is the recommended time for a forest bathing session, but if you’ve got a busy schedule then even just 15 minutes a day in nature can help you to feel refreshed. Our programs are crafted to the needs of individuals, teams, and organizations and can be designed based upon best availability and experience for participants.

Can’t I just go for a walk in the woods myself?

Yes, research has shown that being in nature walking, hiking, gardening, kayaking all can provide some health benefits. However, during Forest Therapy/Bathing, the certified Forest Therapy Guide will facilitate numerous activities to increase your mindfulness of the natural world around you and connect you to your surroundings through your senses of sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch. Studies from across the world are confirming that walks in nature guided by certified guides may have broader and more extended health benefits.

I’ve experienced trauma and am not sure forest bathing or mindfulness are right for me?

All nature connected programs at BirchWalking are trauma informed practices. Prior to participating in BirchWalking programs, all participants will be asked to provide health information that may inform our services and ensure the safety of all participants.

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